Our Top 5 Tips For Wedding Venue Decor Planning

Venue Decoration


Planning a wedding is fun! However it can also be stressful, expensive and include a lot of decisions.

Don’t fear though, we can help you through the entire process working with your ideas and budget to make your dream wedding day possible.

Perfect Day Chairs has been helping couples to plan and produce their dreams for over 5 years… it’s fair to say that we know our way around a wedding! Here are Jenny’s top tips:

Wedding Planning

Plan in advance

Top Tip #1 Plan as far in advance as possible

It may sound cliché but success doesn’t just happen it’s planned for. Look for suppliers early and check how many weddings they take on…it might surprise you that some take multiple bookings per day and those that don’t fill their diaries a year to two years in advance. If you want to check our availability contact us now!




Enjoy Planning

Enjoy Planning Your Wedding!

Top Tip #2 Enjoy planning your wedding decorations

It’s your chance to make a venue your own, and  showcase your personality and creativity. Create mood boards, scrap books, pinterest boards, follow blogs, and facebook pages to help you hone your ideas and you’ll quickly see trends and themes that you like! Make it social by sharing with friends and family, planning a wedding should be fun!





Use experience of friends, family and professionals

Use experience of friends, family and professionals

Top Tip #3 Use experience

You may think that married friends and family think they know it all but listen to them. They will be able to share their experience with you and help to shape a successful day. Also listen to the professionals – your venue, your venue stylist etc will have insider knowledge of how a wedding day is run. Listen to their advice – they will want to make your day perfect and may have ideas on how to make this happen.




Set a Wedding Budget

Set a Wedding Budget


Top Tip #4 Set a budget

Setting a budget may seem like an obvious tip but it is invaluable to your planning and to your venue stylist. We have worked with all budgets over the years and are always honest and realistic as to what décor can be achieved with each budget. A budget to us is not ‘how much can I make from this wedding’ it is ‘how much money have I got to make this dream a possiblility’ so to help us to be realistic tell us what you are working with.




I don't like it!

I don’t like it!

Top Tip #5 Don’t be afraid to say ‘I don’t like that’

Only you know what it is you are looking for and sometimes it’s not easy to explain we’ve had countless consultations talking about “them thingymajigs, what do you call them…”. So if we are showing you ideas but we are way off the mark tell us! We won’t be offended – it’s your wedding not ours!

If you would like help with your wedding decorations contact us today!





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